Interventional Pain Center at MGH

The Interventional Pain Center at Marquette General Hospital is one of the newest and most innovative programs developed within the Marquette General health System, responding to the needs of the residents of Upper Michigan for focused and effective treatment options for patients with both recent-onset and chronic pain. Our unique, multidisciplinary approach to the care and management of the pain patient focuses on the reduction and elimination of pain, restoration of normal activities of life, and the prevention of future pain recurrences.

After initial consultation and complete review of medical history and physical findings, a treatment plan is developed by our medical team. Initial focus is placed on relief of acute pain utilizing minimally invasive diagnostic and treatment techniques, many of which can be performed in a timely fashion in our state-of-the-art office facility, along with well-controlled medical therapeutic regimens. From the time of initial consultation, focus is also directed to the future prevention of pain exacerbation utilizing the myriad of rehabilitation services available within the MGH system. Physical rehabilitation is used to address the source of pain and strengthen and align supporting muscle groups. Strong emphasis is given to long-term maintenance of these regimens and their importance in the prevention of future recurrences.

If you, or someone you know, is interested in consultation with our medical team, talk to your doctor about a referral or please call the Interventional Pain Center for an appointment at 906-225-3054.